AR & QC Manager

Location: Washington, DC
Interests: Finding new restaurants and vacationing with the family

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not.”

Brian Nickerson,
Control Risks

Brian Nickerson at Control Risks

My character means a lot to me. I refuse to do half a job for a full check. I also don’t believe my job description should limit my involvement in resolving issues that may plague the company.

I joined Control Risks in 2007 and was hired to perform credit and collections functions. After learning about Control Risks and meeting with colleagues, I knew I had found a perfect space to make my mark.

My day-to-day functions are to manage my portion of the Americas order to cash responsibilities. I like to fully understand what can be improved in that process.

I have been with Control Risks now for 16 years and I love the interesting projects that we work on. I enjoy interacting with colleagues, and honestly, I enjoy solving the problems that we encounter as a company. When you get it right, seeing the results is cool.

I have seen some of my colleagues truly grow in their roles, from being consultants in a practice or department to becoming principles, partners and department leaders. They have gone from taking instruction to creating the processes the company follows today. That has been a highlight for me and I’m very proud of those folks.

I love my family and wouldn’t be the man I am today without them. They humble me when I need it and love me unconditionally when I need that. I am a big movie buff. My oldest son is now a freshman at university and that has been a huge focus for me and the family. Supporting him and watching him grow has done my heart good.

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