VANTAGE Senior Researcher

Location: Mexico City
Key skills: Due diligence, compliance, qualitative research, risk assessment
Interests: Salsa dancing, playing dominoes, reading, cinema, cooking

“It’s important not to lose the sense of wonder, curiosity ignites the spark of learning.”

Ana Tomás-Pons,
Control Risks

Ana Tomas Pons at Control Risks

As an internationalist and having lived in various countries throughout my life, I have a passion for global collaboration, which led me to a multinational firm like Control Risks.

In my role as a VANTAGE researcher, I engage with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and work on research projects spanning multiple languages and jurisdictions in the Americas. With colleagues hailing from every corner of the globe, I am excited to work in a firm where borders blur and collaboration knows no bounds. It is important to mention that my daily life is very much enriched by my fantastic colleagues at the Mexico City office!

I help our clients gain transparency regarding their third-party networks and compliance with regulatory frameworks, while minimising their risk exposure through our streamlined methodology and nuanced research, coupled with our local insight.

During my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, cooking, playing dominoes, delving into books my friends recommend, watching great movies and, most notably, refining my salsa dancing abilities.

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