On 7 October, Palestinian militant group Hamas, launched an unprecedented terrorist attack on Israel, making this the most significant Palestinian militant assault on the country in decades. The Israel Defence Forces have retaliated with air strikes and ground operations within Gaza. As fighting continues between the two, the implications for the security, political and operating environment in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and for the wider Middle East region are considerable. 

As countries, governments, and businesses grapple with the significant human suffering first and foremost, they are also trying to understand what the immediate and longer-term implications of this conflict will mean to their operations, economically and for the wider security and geopolitical landscape in the Middle East.  

Control Risks is currently helping clients to make sense of these uncertainties and navigate through them.  Awareness of political, country and economic risks underpin an organisation’s ability to protect value and mitigate shocks. Understanding and managing political risk has become increasingly important for companies as the global risk and security landscape evolves and new complexities emerge that could affect your workforce, operations and reputation. 

Our diverse client base gives our consultants and analysts wide exposure to best practice across sectors and regions, making us best placed to advise on your unique risk management programme. We provide guidance on the appropriate tools, approaches, processes, skillsets, and roles for managing political risk effectively, and help you to embed these across sectors and jurisdictions of operation.

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