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The content in this section has been compiled by Control Risks analysts and consultants. This material offers invaluable insights into the real challenges our clients are facing and is updated on a regular basis.

  • mexicoenergythumb
    Mexico's energy revolution: A tank half-full

    For many years, the challenging security situation has been the headline issue in Mexico, overshadowing the progress that President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government has made. In this article Control Risks analysts assess the implications of recent reforms to the energy sector.

  • insidethreatot
    Insider threats

    Whilst many companies are rushing to invest in the latest technological solutions to counter growing threats in the cyber domain, many are overlooking the very real risks posed by their own employees.

  • riskweekpromo
    RiskMap podcast 16 April

    We consider the implications of the German trade delegation visit to Iran, the possibility of an uptick in sectarian violence in Nortern Ireland and the latest state of play in Venezuela.

  • thailandsitecore
    Turmoil in Thailand - Latest Developments

    In this podcast, Stephen Norris, Control Risks' political and security risk analyst for Thailand considers the likely next developments in the ongoing political turmoil which has stalled investment in the country.

  • JonathanFriedman
    China-EU Trade Relations

    Chinese leader Xi Jinping's recent first tour of Europe concluded with a speech in which he said that he had come to build a bridge across the Eurasian continent and reiterated China's desire for a free-trade deal with the EU.

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