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  • Europe & CIS: EU: Court ruling on tax rules to increase VAT burden, unlikely to trigger regulatory changes
  • Ghana: Initiation of arbitration proceedings on maritime boundary dispute with Côte d'Ivoire reflects stalled bilateral negotiations
  • Europe & CIS: Summit unlikely to produce consensus on Caspian Sea legal dispute
  • Ukraine: De-escalation measures unlikely to deliver political solution on status of eastern regions
  • Guatemala: Shortcomings in Supreme Court selection process highlights broader judicial deficiencies
  • Belgium: Arrests underline threat from Syrian returnees; plot to target EU institutions unconfirmed
  • Belize: Pledge to allocate resources to address gang crime unlikely to improve security environment
  • Bahrain: Crown prince’s push to resume national dialogue unlikely to reduce opposition activity over coming months
  • Mid East & N Africa: US-led coalition strikes focus on Islamic State's leadership, Iraq supply lines
  • Paraguay: Threat from domestic guerrilla groups remains low despite clashes with security forces
  • Jordan: Terrorism risk rating remains MEDIUM despite kingdom’s participation in Syria strikes, arrests of suspected militants
  • South Sudan: Periodic clashes between government, rebels likely to persist; peace talks to progress slowly
  • Cambodia: New rules on parliamentary access likely to help government consolidate power
  • Papua New Guinea: Partial privatisation plans likely to improve public sector efficiency

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