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  • Azerbaijan: Forthcoming elections to limit room for compromise during talks over Nagorno-Karabakh dispute
  • Greece: Bailout exit plan remains coalition policy despite market warning, likely government collapse in early 2015
  • Mali: Disagreements between northern rebel groups underline limited scope for comprehensive peace settlement
  • Congo (DRC): Violent protests, continued rebel attacks highlight persistent insecurity in North Kivu
  • Uganda: Security force crackdown on protest in capital highlights potential for escalation into violence
  • Pakistan: Attack on Hazaras underscores deteriorating security situation in Balochistan
  • Iraq: Shoot-out between security forces, militia fighters highlights persistent security challenges posed by armed Shia groups
  • Moldova: Government to remain committed to European integration despite further Russian sanctions
  • Myanmar: NGO’s report on special economic zone’s impact highlights reputational risks from land acquisition
  • India: Court ruling on shares transfer likely to ease regulatory risks in capital account transactions
  • China: Personnel changes may influence regulatory crackdown on MNCs
  • Europe & CIS: Divisions over EU proposal likely to lead to watered down targets for renewable energy, carbon emissions
  • Canada: Attack on military personnel underlines continued domestic self-radicalised terrorism threat
  • Asia & the Pacific: Korean peninsula: North Korean threats, border incidents sustain heightened tensions
  • China: Inconclusive talks extend political impasse in Hong Kong, potential for protests remains

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