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  • Cuba: Restoration of diplomatic ties with US unlikely to presage repeal of embargo, political change
  • Venezuela: Reshuffle of responsibilities increases likelihood of leadership transition
  • Poland: New legislation to restrict sale, privatisation of companies in strategic sectors
  • Iraq: Deal with Kurdish authorities may reduce non-payment risks, but implementation could be challenging
  • Russia: Default, political instability unlikely despite differences over response to economic crisis
  • Kyrgyzstan: Increase in inspections underlines vulnerability of businesses to bribe demands
  • Venezuela: President’s reshuffling of government responsibilities unlikely to succeed in tackling economic downturn
  • Honduras: General’s appointment to security portfolio highlights continued militarisation of domestic policing
  • Tanzania: Local election results point to growing opposition support but ruling party likely to win 2015 polls
  • Palestinian Territories: Court’s ruling to remove Hamas from EU terror list does not reflect change in group’s militant capabilities
  • Chile: Bomb hoax in capital highlights persistent low-level security threat from anarchist groups
  • Zambia: Cabinet calls for resignation of acting president reflect heightened political tensions
  • Iraq: Heavy clashes near airbase highlight weakness of government forces in Anbar province
  • Pakistan: Peshawar school attack highlights challenges for relations with Afghanistan, increasing complexity of militant landscape
  • Nigeria: APC presidential candidate’s choice of running mate unlikely to enable opposition victory in 2015 elections
  • Turkey: Death of youth in clash with police to trigger further protests in sensitive south-eastern region
  • China: Government to prioritise steady growth over major economic reforms after high-level planning meeting
  • China: Prosecutions highlight growing scrutiny of food, drug safety
  • Indonesia: Regulatory reforms in mining sector vulnerable to legal challenges
  • Thailand: Efforts to restart peace talks in south unlikely to see results in 2015

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