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  • Indonesia: In-depth: Presidential election challenge likely to fail but risks temporary uncertainty, protests
  • South Africa: Unions’ reduced wage demand likely to lead to deal in metalworkers’ strike in short term
  • China: Authorities' closure of major food supplier highlights safety concerns
  • Panama: Changes in regulatory environment unlikely despite implementation of price controls
  • Central African Republic: President’s calls for ceasefire, holding of peace talks unlikely to improve security situation
  • France: Disorder at anti-Israel protest confirms vulnerability of political, religious extremists to anti-Semitism
  • Palestinian Territories: US call for ceasefire, Israeli defence minister's remarks suggest Gaza fighting will lessen over coming days
  • Cameroon: Potential for short-term disruption to persist despite government ban on 22 July protest, widespread instability unlikely
  • Pakistan: Failure of security operation in Karachi underscores threat of militancy, criminality
  • Turkey: Arrests of police officials underscore politicisation of security services, anti-corruption efforts
  • Russia: Escalation of EU sanctions likely to remain gradual until completion of MH17 crash investigation
  • Americas: Changes in regulatory environment unlikely despite implementation of price controls
  • Venezuela: Election of delegates ahead of ruling party’s national congress unlikely to diminish party’s internal divisions
  • Nicaragua: In depth: Attacks on ruling party supporters points to presence of politically-motivated armed groups

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