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  • Argentina: Shale deal shows opportunities in oil, gas sector but challenges to persist
  • Americas: Mercosur summit highlights growing ineffectiveness of regional bloc
  • Cuba: Normalisation of diplomatic relations with US unlikely to greatly improve investment environment
  • Colombia: Guerrilla group’s announcement of indefinite unilateral ceasefire highlights advances in peace talks
  • Peru: Attack on military base highlights threat of guerrilla presence in south
  • Tunisia: Presidential run-off likely to pass off peacefully but significant political tensions set to persist
  • Mozambique: Opposition leader’s rejection of official status unlikely to signal breakdown in talks with government
  • Asia & the Pacific: Political, security outlook on Korean Peninsula likely to remain stable amid diplomatic interactions
  • Mali: Death of Tuareg chief amid stalled peace talks unlikely to significantly alter security environment in north
  • Kenya: Passage of security law unlikely to significantly reduce terrorism threat; implementation likely to be patchy
  • Georgia: Breakaway region’s push for integration into Russia to further entrench separatist status
  • Russia: Tightened US, EU sanctions regime reflects lack of progress over Ukraine crisis
  • Spain: Attack on governing party’s headquarters reflects socio-economic frustrations, likely to be isolated incident
  • Montenegro: Arrest of arms traffickers indicates continued threat from international organised crime
  • Pakistan: Political dialogue on national counter-terrorism strategy unlikely to yield results
  • Indonesia: Scenarios: Government digs in against vested interests, fractious opposition

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