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  • Lesotho: Agreement to hold early elections likely to ease political impasse
  • China: Continuing corruption investigations underline tightening regulatory environment
  • Colombia: Killing of oil contractors highlights high security risk on border with Venezuela
  • Indonesia: Recent arrests suggest Islamic State links to Indonesia; unlikely to increase domestic threat
  • Peru: Further protests likely despite ‘working sessions’ between local government, community group
  • Central African Republic: New UN mission unlikely to lead to marked improvements; security environment to remain volatile
  • Ukraine: Delay to free-trade agreement to foster divisions between president, government ahead of election
  • Bulgaria: Scenarios: Centre-right party to win elections, accelerate pro-business reforms
  • France: Government likely to win confidence vote; subsequent budget process may be greater hurdle
  • Egypt: Roadside bomb attack on police convoy underscores HIGH security, terrorism risks in North Sinai
  • Mexico: Oaxaca state police protest to continue in short term, lead to security deterioration
  • Mid East & N Africa: Conference highlights efforts to form cohesive strategy, broad coalition to combat Islamic State in Iraq, Syria
  • Nigeria: Appointment of new Rivers state police commissioner to increase threat of political violence ahead of 2015 elections
  • Bulgaria: Miners' protest highlights growing threat of labour, social unrest ahead of early elections
  • Afghanistan: Attack in capital reflects militants’ persistence ahead of NATO withdrawal, uncertainty over future US presence

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