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  • Sri Lanka: Opposition agrees on presidential candidate; violence likely during election campaign
  • Swaziland: Mineworkers’ strike unlikely to lead to labour unrest in other sectors
  • Yemen: Houthi gains increase regulatory, sovereign and contract risks
  • Romania: Opposition candidate’s presidential victory to reduce government stability, policy predictability
  • Colombia: Release of kidnapped soldiers underlines FARC’s commitment to peace negotiations
  • Serbia: Scenarios: Stable government prioritises fiscal, EU-required reforms
  • Moldova: Elections likely to result in pro-European government; violent unrest unlikely
  • El Salvador: Judicial deficiencies persist despite high-profile drug kingpin’s conviction
  • Afghanistan: Suicide bombing in capital confirms militants’ intent to launch continued anti-Western attacks
  • Egypt: Anti-terrorism law ensures continued crackdown on government’s foes, likely to prove counterproductive
  • Spain: Minister’s resignation brings government inaction over long-running corruption scandal into focus
  • China: Protests highlight continuing tensions over local environmental issues
  • Yemen: Pipeline attack, clashes in capital highlight difficulties facing government in quelling unrest
  • Djibouti: US travel warning underscores MEDIUM terrorism risk; attacks to remain infrequent
  • Mexico: Morelos protests against power infrastructure project underline continuing social threats
  • Philippines: Coal plants, mining face continued regulatory challenges
  • Indonesia: Clashes highlight sporadic low-intensity security risks from rivalries between security forces
  • International Business Issues: OPEC will not cut output at Vienna meeting

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