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  • China: Prosecutions highlight growing scrutiny of food, drug safety
  • Indonesia: Regulatory reforms in mining sector vulnerable to legal challenges
  • Thailand: Efforts to restart peace talks in south unlikely to see results in 2015
  • Mexico: Resurgence of self-defence vigilantes highlights challenges in security environment in Michoacán
  • Saudi Arabia: Drastic reduction in spending unlikely despite decline in oil prices
  • Mozambique: Alleged opposition violations of ceasefire agreement unlikely to undermine peace process
  • Panama: Investigation into government assistance fund highlights pervasive official corruption
  • Thailand: Procurement transparency vow unlikely to ease integrity risks
  • Sudan: ICC decision to freeze Darfur investigation unlikely to have significant impact on security risk
  • Congo (DRC): Clashes between security forces in Kisangani underscore shortcomings of security sector reform programme
  • Greece: First two rounds of presidential election to produce stalemate, shift focus to 29 December third ballot
  • Afghanistan: Attack on Helmand bank underlines destabilising threat posed by militancy
  • Uzbekistan: Parliamentary elections underline lack of political competition; composition likely to remain broadly unchanged
  • Russia: Security threats to foreign business unlikely to increase despite mounting economic difficulties
  • Algeria: Renewed protests in south point to mounting discontent over socio-economic conditions
  • Yemen: Bombing in central city highlights escalating conflict between al-Qaida, Houthi movement

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