Control Risks is an independent, global risk consultancy specialising in helping organisations manage political, integrity and security risks in complex and hostile environments. We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on-the-ground protection and support.

Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us ensure we can help them to effectively solve their problems and realise new opportunities across the world.

  • Argentina: Default points to persistently high levels of sovereign risk, erratic policy making
  • United Kingdom: Scenarios: 2015 elections result in weak government as Scotland rejects independence
  • Libya: Protracted fighting between power centres raises likelihood of civil war
  • Indonesia: Fresh attacks in Papua reflect persistent low-intensity security risk
  • Burundi: Human rights group report highlights threat of increasing political violence ahead of 2015 elections
  • Philippines: Military coup unlikely despite president’s weakened position
  • Iraq: Continued fighting points to protracted conflict, major tactical shifts unlikely
  • Kenya: Large-scale revocation of land deeds in Lamu highlights prevalence of corruption in land administration
  • Italy: Arrests in south, Germany, Netherlands confirm new focus on organised criminals’ international ties
  • Europe & CIS: Central Asia: Bilateral disagreements to limit regional security efforts despite positive rhetoric on co-operation
  • Norway: Removal of security warning underscores low level of terrorism threat
  • Uganda: Security risk rating raised to MEDIUM amid growing political tensions, rise in tribal clashes
  • Israel: Continued violence points to fragility of Gaza ceasefire agreements
  • Nicaragua: Disappearance of opposition activists likely to presage further acts of politically-motivated violence
  • Mexico: Expansion of single unified command in Guanajuato police departments unlikely to improve security in short term
  • Colombia: Civilian casualties following FARC explosion in Cauca unlikely to undermine peace talks with government

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