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  • China: Unprecedented purge underlines political flux, new corruption enforcement environment
  • Gabon: Public audit highlights endemic corruption in state institutions
  • Congo (DRC): Ruling party‚Äôs support for constitutional amendment likely to fuel political tensions
  • Kenya: Expansion of geothermal power production to reduce electricity prices; reliability to remain challenge
  • United Kingdom: Status as key financial hub unlikely to be affected by bonus clawback plan, fraud probes
  • Ukraine: Talks between officials, separatists unlikely to produce viable peace plan amid intensifying clashes
  • Afghanistan: Increase in cross-border militant attacks likely to further strain relations with Pakistan
  • Yemen: Fuel price increase liable to cause further unrest, plays into political disputes
  • Libya: Violence between power centres increasingly taking on characteristics of civil war
  • Honduras: Formal charging of mayor highlights widespread official corruption, particularly at local level
  • Mexico: Michoacán security environment to remain among most challenging in the country in medium term
  • Bolivia: Targeted killings in Santa Cruz point to persistent presence of drug trafficking rings
  • Lesotho: South African mediation in ruling coalition talks to reduce threat of political crisis
  • South Africa: Proposed land reform legislation unlikely to result in significant restrictions on investors
  • China: Continued tense security situation in western Xinjiang raises security, reputational concerns for foreign business
  • Myanmar: Security situation to remain volatile in insurgency-affected areas despite progress in peace process

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