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  • United Kingdom: Increase in official terrorism threat level does not reflect immediate threat; risk rating remains LOW
  • Brazil: Opinion poll points to growing likelihood of run-off at October presidential election
  • Mexico: Removal of rural police leader likely to undermine federal security strategy in Michoacán
  • Zambia: President’s dismissal of assumed successor to strengthen ruling party ahead of 2016 general elections
  • Guatemala: Seizure of remote-controlled explosives points to growing sophistication of gangs
  • China: Hong Kong protests to remain peaceful but some disruption likely
  • Niger: Public investigations into opposition leader to increase threat of political violence in capital
  • Russia: Intensification of EU, US sanctions regime will stop short of broad sectoral restrictions
  • Macedonia: Scuffle in parliament, withdrawal of opposition highlight continuing political divisions, instability
  • Turkey: Inauguration confirms new president’s intent to maintain overall reins of power, force new constitution
  • Namibia: Fatal shooting during clashes in capital does not point to growing trend of political violence
  • Syria: Rebels’ capture of Golan border crossing highlights increased opposition presence in south
  • Egypt: Beheadings by Islamist extremist group point to evolving trends in domestic militancy, possible transnational connections
  • Argentina: Scenarios: Pragmatism mixed with intervention
  • India: Rajasthan reforms likely to make land acquisition easier, faster

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