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  • Ecuador: Anti-government march underlines potential for civil unrest, poses no threat to political stability
  • Pakistan: Inconclusive IMF talks highlight economic toll of political crisis, threat to regulatory, sovereign risks
  • Peru: Economy, finance minister’s appointment points to policy continuity
  • India: Delayed Supreme Court contract ruling to clear path for regulatory reform in mining sector
  • Myanmar: Centre-regional debates over resources to endure ahead of elections
  • Kazakhstan: Insufficient domestic refined output, retail price caps to prolong fuel shortages
  • Lebanon: Major power outage reflects labour dispute, broader political deadlock
  • Libya: Further airstrikes, militia clashes point to sustained power struggle, deepening factionalism
  • United Kingdom: Rejection of independence remains likely despite narrowing of polls in campaign's fractious finale
  • Palestinian Territories: UN-brokered reconstruction agreement unlikely to significantly improve outlook for security, political stability
  • Bolivia: Latest polls confirm president likely to win re-election in first round
  • South Sudan: Proposed restrictions on foreign workers likely to be softened in coming weeks
  • Guinea-Bissau: Military chief’s dismissal to increase threat of military unrest in short term amid institutional power struggle
  • Africa: Ebola-related business disruption to remain substantial in worst-affected states despite growing international response
  • Costa Rica: Large-scale seizure highlights country’s importance as illicit drug trans-shipment route

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