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  • Nigeria: Supply crisis to increase regulatory risk in power sector
  • Iran: Growth in oil exports to perpetuate sanctions risk
  • China: Xinjiang Uighur protests underline persistent ethnic tensions, but wider instability unlikely
  • Thailand: Mooted July polls unlikely to ease political impasse; government overthrow still possible
  • Nigeria: Recalculation of GDP to increase tax risk
  • Brazil: Deployment of military forces likely to improve security situation in Bahia state
  • Ukraine: International negotiations unlikely to resolve persistent tensions in eastern regions
  • Slovenia: Government reform strategy unlikely to lead to protests, increased political instability
  • Ireland: Acquittal in key banking trial unlikely to improve reputation of financial sector
  • Libya: New government security strategy for Tripoli, Benghazi will not lead to improved security environment
  • Mexico: Inauguration of Guanajuato state public security system highlights increased violent crime threat
  • Rwanda: Series of arrests on terrorism charges highlights government’s repression of internal dissent
  • Ghana: Change in opposition leadership reflects party divisions, unlikely to determine choice of presidential candidate
  • Jordan: Army’s targeting of Syrian rebels reflects zero tolerance of unauthorised operations, incidental threats near border
  • Venezuela: Inauguration of major new power plant will not reduce risk of power cuts
  • Guatemala: President’s comments on ministerial re-election to exacerbate concerns over erosion of democracy
  • Guinea-Bissau: Ruling party candidate likely to win presidential run-off; violence unlikely
  • Pakistan: End of militant ceasefire to deal blow to peace hopes; terrorism threat to persist

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