About Us

Integrity Political Security risks

Control Risks is an independent, global risk consultancy specialising in political, integrity and security risk. We help some of the most influential organisations in the world to understand and manage the risks and opportunities of operating in complex or hostile environments.

We support clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations through to handling sensitive political issues and providing practical on the ground protection and support.

Our unique combination of services, our geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us, ensures we can help them effectively solve their problems and realise new opportunities across the world. Working across five continents and with 34 offices worldwide, Control Risks provides a broad range of services to help our clients manage political, integrity and security risk.

    • eDiscovery
      • Litigation preparedness
      • Data processing, review and analysis
      • Data production and export
      • Computer forensics
    • Anti-corruption services
      • Corruption risk assessment and audit
      • Corruption investigations
      • Anti-corruption programme development
      • Anti-corruption training
      • Compliance lines and whistleblowing lines
    • Investigations
      • Asset tracing and recovery
      • Forensic accounting
      • Intellectual property theft
      • Fraud and problem solving
      • Litigation support
    • Consulting and analysis
      • Security audits and reviews
      • Security design (including terrorist damage assessments)
      • Strategic security intelligence
    • Operational security services
      • Embedded consulting services
      • Executive protection
      • Meet and greet
      • Event security
      • Intrusion and penetration testing
    • Crisis management
      • Business continuity and resilience consulting
      • Crisis response
      • Crisis management consulting
      • Kidnap preparedness and response
      • Dealing with workplace violence
    • Maritime security
      • Maritime security planning
      • Counter-piracy operations
      • Kidnap and response consultancy
      • Maritime intelligence
      • Maritime Security Online