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  • South Sudan: Formation of transitional government to be delayed as peace talks continue to stall
  • Congo (DRC): Integrity risks to increase in medium term despite favourable ruling by extractives transparency body
  • Turkey: Death at construction site highlights reputational risks from poor workplace safety
  • Tajikistan: Stalled talks with Kyrgyzstan reinforce likelihood of further localised unrest along disputed boundary
  • Nigeria: Ministerial appointments, attempted impeachment of Adamawa governor reflect reassertion of president’s authority
  • Brazil: Clashes between football (soccer) fans, police do not point to heightened threat of civil unrest
  • Mexico: Social protests against infrastructure projects to delay completion, unlikely to derail them
  • Colombia: Successful peace agreement between guerilla group, government remains likely
  • Indonesia: Preliminary presidential election result likely to be upheld but legal challenges, protests possible
  • Philippines: New barrier to Mindanao peace talks unlikely to derail process but security risks will persist
  • Mexico: Long-awaited approval of telecoms reform may still fail to deliver expected benefits of competition
  • Russia: Personal data retention law to have significant impact on foreign companies’ compliance, operational concerns
  • Brazil: President remains favourite to secure re-election as electoral campaign officially begins
  • Spain: Arrests confirm presence of Italian organised crime groups in drug-trafficking, money-laundering
  • China: High-profile expulsion, investigation reflect depth of anti-corruption campaign

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