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  • Colombia: Deportation of Venezuelan armed forces personnel unlikely to significantly affect bilateral relations
  • Kazakhstan: Scenarios: President prioritises political, policy continuity
  • Zambia: Proposed changes to fiscal regime to increase burden on mining companies
  • Yemen: Political, operational and security risk ratings increased from High to EXTREME
  • Honduras: President’s call for tougher sentencing underlines persistent concerns over citizen security
  • Zambia: Public sector strike unlikely to go ahead but peaceful demonstrations likely in capital
  • Europe & CIS: Interim gas deal between Russia, Ukraine reduces likelihood of imminent downstream supply disruption
  • Madagascar: Further protests likely over former president’s detention; overall stability to persist
  • Sudan: Killing of Ethiopian peacekeepers highlights EXTREME security risks in Darfur
  • Croatia: Arrest of capital’s mayor signals commitment to fighting persistent political, public sector corruption
  • Colombia: Controversy over guerrilla commander’s government-sanctioned travel to Cuba unlikely to affect peace talks
  • Libya: Assembly’s endorsement of anti-Islamist campaign to intensify rift between rival power centres
  • Philippines: Bangsamoro forum indicates continued commitment to peace but autonomy schedule vulnerable to delays
  • India: Federally ruling party wins majority in Haryana but likely to form coalition in Maharashtra

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