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  • Sri Lanka: UN war crimes investigation highlights reputational, protest risks
  • Mexico: Increasing extortion of construction companies shows deteriorating security in Guerrero
  • China: Strike at foreign-owned plant in Guangdong highlights labour tensions
  • Austria: Arrests of suspected Islamist extremists underline tough stance on travel to conflict in Syria
  • Romania: Rise in cigarette smuggling highlights persistent threat from counterfeit, organised crime
  • Kazakhstan: Fuel shortages reflect insufficient refining capacity, market distortions
  • Colombia: Regulatory challenges will persist in energy sector despite positive signals from cabinet reshuffle
  • Mauritania: Appointment of new prime minister unlikely to augur major policy shifts
  • Venezuela: Increased scrutiny of price controls likely to lead to more complex operational environment
  • Indonesia: Court’s rejection of presidential election case risks clashes but mass protests, unrest unlikely
  • Iran: Parliament's vote to dismiss science minister highlights divisions between president, legislature
  • Zambia: Mine worker protests in Chingola underscore persistent threat from labour unrest, rising anti-mining sentiment
  • Sudan: Tribal clashes in East Darfur, West Kordofan to continue, highlight EXTREME security risks
  • Nigeria: Reported army mutiny underscores dissatisfaction with counter-insurgency weaknesses; coup remains unlikely
  • Libya: Energy assets will remain vulnerable to disruption, despite resumption of oil exports

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