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  • Papua New Guinea: Partial privatisation plans likely to improve public sector efficiency
  • South Africa: Annual crime statistics highlight increasing threat to business operations
  • Azerbaijan: Sovereign risks to remain low despite modest debt increase, planned rise in public spending
  • Chile: Arrest of bombing suspects unlikely to reduce anarchist attacks in medium term
  • Fiji: In-depth: Military coup leader’s overwhelming election win bodes well for political stability
  • Guatemala: Protests highlight strength of community activism; particular threat to extractives, energy sectors
  • Turkey: Clashes near border underline continued tensions with Kurdish population, confused Syria policy
  • Egypt: Fatal bombing in capital highlights underlying terrorist threat in urban centres
  • Poland: New government to ensure policy continuity, reduce intra-party divisions
  • Nigeria: Incumbent’s early nomination as 2015 presidential candidate to strengthen ruling party’s electoral preparations
  • Congo (DRC): In-depth: Military reshuffle clearest indication yet of president’s intent to run for unconstitutional third term
  • Russia: Demonstration against Ukraine conflict not indicative of widespread anti-government sentiment
  • Afghanistan: Power-sharing deal raises prospects of authorities being able to contain insecurity, conclude military agreement with US
  • Yemen: In depth: Accord between Houthis, government marks shift in political landscape; high potential for further violence

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