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  • Argentina: Scenarios: Pragmatism mixed with intervention
  • India: Rajasthan reforms likely to make land acquisition easier, faster
  • Bahamas: Murder of prime minister’s press secretary in capital underlines persistent threat of violent crime
  • Direct Action: Direct Action Monitor - April-August 2014
  • Mid East & N Africa: GCC: Saudi delegation’s visit to Qatar points to intensified efforts to heal rifts over regional policies
  • Chile: Capitalisation of state-owned copper company shows government efforts to boost economy
  • China: Guangxi clashes reflect localised tensions over land disputes; risk to business remains low
  • Paraguay: Entrenched nepotism in civil service illustrates persistent corruption risks
  • Haiti: Brinksmanship over elections likely to devolve into political violence in the short term
  • Ukraine: Southward shift in rebel activity underscores continued volatility in security environment
  • Poland: New set of populist measures heralds early start of election campaign, growing political competition
  • Central African Republic: Consultations with former president to improve prospects for unity government; rebel infighting likely to persist
  • Algeria: Dismissal of presidential adviser highlights factionalism within main ruling party, concerns over succession
  • Afghanistan: Further instability, violence likely as presidential candidate boycotts vote audit
  • Mali: Inter-rebel talks to improve prospects for main peace initiative in north
  • Malaysia: Johor factory riot underlines labour management challenges; wider unrest unlikely

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