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  • Togo: Armed robbery at Lomé airport reflects increased crime threat
  • Europe & CIS: South-eastern Europe: Agreement to reduce roaming charges signals governments’ commitment to EU regulatory standards
  • Brazil: Bank workers’ strike highlights strength of labour unions
  • Cuba: Imprisonment of Canadian businessman on corruption charges to further undermine investment climate
  • India: Odisha politician’s killing highlights ongoing threat from Maoist insurgency
  • Congo (DRC): Major power deficit to persist despite progress on hydrodam project
  • Peru: Murder of mayoral candidate in Junín does not presage wider political violence
  • Spain: Pressure to defy court’s block on secession referendum to trigger protests, political instability
  • Belgium: High-profile trial of Islamist extremists unlikely to further increase terrorism threat
  • Syria: Reported civilian casualties, jihadi offensive against Kurdish city highlight challenges to anti-IS airstrikes
  • Ukraine: Death of soldiers during clash with rebels underscores fragility of ceasefire, peace process
  • Iraq: Anbar attacks reflect IS’s intent to seize territory, authorities’ need for tribal support to combat militancy
  • Thailand: Military government’s spending plans do not increase sovereign, non-payment risks
  • Angola: Fuel price increases unlikely to trigger civil unrest, operational disruption
  • India: Chief minister’s corruption case unlikely to affect Tamil Nadu’s political stability

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