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  • Peru: Economic reform package to lighten tax, regulatory burden, may expose extractive sectors to increased reputational risk
  • Cameroon: Attack on police station underscores threat from Nigerian Islamist militant group in Extreme North
  • Mexico: Blockade of Tabasco oil wells highlights longstanding environmental concerns, related social threats
  • Turkey: Fine imposed on pharmaceutical company signals continued EU scrutiny on anti-competitive practices
  • Mid East & N Africa: Rocket strike from Lebanon into Israel unlikely to herald regional escalation of Israel/Hamas conflict
  • Slovenia: Lengthy coalition negotiations likely after early parliamentary elections
  • Syria: Election of leader of exiled political opposition unlikely to have significant impact on conflict dynamics
  • Burundi: Denial of bail to rights activist highlights increasing government authoritarianism
  • China: Shanghai, Guangdong protests highlight local-level tensions over labour, environmental issues
  • Nigeria: Kidnap of Rivers state lawmaker signals likely increase in criminal tactics ahead of 2015 elections
  • Ukraine: Attack on airport underlines rebels’ continuing resistance, slow progress of government forces
  • Bangladesh: Scenarios: Consolidation of power sees more stability but more authoritarian governance
  • Afghanistan: Taliban attacks underscore continuing threat to state, security and civilian targets
  • Panama: Border agency report highlights presence of international organised criminal groups
  • Ecuador: Security indicators underline complex situation in border regions with Colombia
  • Papua New Guinea: Japanese prime minister’s visit shows political crisis will not hinder gas investment

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