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  • Kenya: Corruption investigation is unlikely to significantly reduce institutional corruption
  • Venezuela: Financial woes, falling oil prices increase pressure on government but default unlikely
  • Egypt: Government demonstrates commitment to meeting debt obligations as economy shows tentative improvement
  • Vietnam: Credit rating upgrades indicate reduced sovereign, non-payment risks
  • Sri Lanka: President likely to be returned in snap January election but with weaker mandate
  • Namibia: Ruling party likely to retain two-thirds majority in 28 November general elections despite expected opposition gains
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Entity government coalition deals to speed up state-level cabinet negotiations, improve political stability
  • Myanmar: Military attack on insurgent training camp likely to undermine efforts for national ceasefire deal
  • Nigeria: Tear gassing of legislators highlights struggle for legislative control ahead of February 2015 elections
  • United Kingdom: Charges underline continued threat from Islamist extremists, authorities’ strong detection capacity
  • Chile: Water rights ruling shows challenges to hydroelectric investments, will perpetuate high energy costs
  • Asia & the Pacific: Indian prime minister’s Australia visit highlights prospects for co-operation on trade, defence
  • Tunisia: First round of presidential poll likely to progress peacefully, constitute one of final milestones in transition
  • Palestinian Territories: Arrests of Hamas members, test-firing of rockets from Gaza likely to sustain elevated political tensions
  • Mexico: Federal patrols in Zacatecas state reflect institutional deficiencies of state forces

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