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  • Europe & CIS: Divisions over EU proposal likely to lead to watered down targets for renewable energy, carbon emissions
  • Canada: Attack on military personnel underlines continued domestic self-radicalised terrorism threat
  • Asia & the Pacific: Korean peninsula: North Korean threats, border incidents sustain heightened tensions
  • China: Inconclusive talks extend political impasse in Hong Kong, potential for protests remains
  • Turkey: End to major corruption case underlines increasing politicisation of justice system
  • Pakistan: Protests in capital wane, but calls for early elections are likely to persist
  • Ukraine: In-depth: Election outcome likely to reflect new political landscape, reformist agenda
  • Sierra Leone: Civil unrest to remain localised, sporadic despite increasing dissatisfaction with government
  • Morocco: Call for general strike highlights disaffection over socio-economic conditions; threats to political stability unlikely
  • Tajikistan: Terrorism risk rating unchanged despite reported increase in related crimes, thwarted attack
  • Solomon Islands: Unclear legislation likely to hinder formation of government after November elections
  • Sudan: Incumbent’s selection as presidential candidate to support short-term political stability
  • Burkina Faso: Constitutional amendment project to increase risk of political unrest in short term
  • Libya: Anti-Islamist militia leader’s comments reinforce likelihood of further violence in capital
  • Kazakhstan: Further devaluation unlikely in next six months despite economic slowdown
  • Mexico: Tamaulipas purge of officials unlikely to improve security environment in 2014

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