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  • Mexico: Michoacán security environment to remain among most challenging in the country in medium term
  • Bolivia: Targeted killings in Santa Cruz point to persistent presence of drug trafficking rings
  • Lesotho: South African mediation in ruling coalition talks to reduce threat of political crisis
  • South Africa: Proposed land reform legislation unlikely to result in significant restrictions on investors
  • China: Continued tense security situation in western Xinjiang raises security, reputational concerns for foreign business
  • Myanmar: Security situation to remain volatile in insurgency-affected areas despite progress in peace process
  • Bangladesh: Opposition likely to intensify peaceful protests but risk of escalation persists
  • United States: Scenarios: Republicans take Congress and drive legislative agenda
  • Pakistan: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s new mining policy increases transparency but fails to clarify land-use terms
  • United Kingdom: New licences for shale exploration underline government commitment to lead development of sector
  • Russia: Cautious EU, US move towards sectoral sanctions likely to have mainly financial impact
  • Cyprus: New investment to stabilise troubled bank, increase public interest in investor behaviour
  • Kosovo: War crimes allegations to have limited effect on political stability, business environment
  • Côte d'Ivoire: Dismissal of former rebel commander from key security unit to heighten tensions within political establishment, military
  • Egypt: Car bomb in Giza underlines persistent militant threat; continued insecurity will have potential political ramifications
  • Yemen: Intensification of insecurity prompts increase in terrorism risk rating from High to EXTREME
  • Tunisia: Attack on military helicopter highlights continuing Islamist insurgency in north-western border areas
  • Sudan: Attacks on opposition headquarters, newspaper to increase political tensions; genuine reforms remain unlikely
  • Colombia: Bomb explosion in capital does not point to increased terrorism threat

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