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  • Chile: Government's cross-party agreement on tax reform increases corporate tax rates, does not point to anti-business stance
  • India: Protests highlight anger over official responses to rape cases; further demonstrations likely
  • Sudan: Agreement on oil transit fees to reduce non-payment, capital control risks
  • Cambodia: Security situation likely to improve as opposition ends parliamentary boycott
  • Gabon: Move to pass new petroleum code likely to reduce long-term contract risks
  • Saudi Arabia: Stock market opening signals continued support for increasing foreign investment
  • Syria: Stepped-up fighting in eastern Damascus, battle over gas field highlight opposition forces’ resilience
  • Europe & CIS: EU report underscores continued efforts to combat fraud, waste of funds
  • Montenegro: Prison sentences for local politicians highlight growing effort, EU pressure to fight corruption
  • Russia: Changes to composition of upper chamber to strengthen president’s authority
  • Congo (DRC): Attack on military headquarters underscores persistent risks to regime stability
  • Libya: Election results provide little clarity over political make-up of new legislature, representation of power centres
  • Israel: Flight cancellations do not indicate further significant deterioration in security environment
  • Uruguay: Resignation of health service director not indicative of heightened corruption-related risks
  • Chile: Mapuche vandalism at new Temuco airport underlines persistent threat of indigenous activism in La Araucanía
  • Romania: Increasing corruption investigations against private companies indicate gradually declining integrity risk

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