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  • Serbia: Investigations into past privatisations unlikely to adversely affect contracts, licences
  • China: Graft investigations underline increasingly aggressive, complex regulatory enforcement
  • Nicaragua: Fall in reported crime highlights success of government’s security policy despite notable challenges
  • Turkmenistan: Adoption of international arbitration law unlikely to significantly ease dispute resolution process
  • Venezuela: Anti-government protests in capital, San Cristóbal underline persistent threat of social unrest
  • Kenya: Delays in paying county public servants likely to cause protests, business disruption in short term
  • Africa: Interpol warning reflects limited East African anti-terrorism, anti-crime capabilities
  • Austria: Absence of viable alternatives to keep grand coalition together despite finance minister’s resignation
  • Israel: Open-ended truce more likely than previous ceasefires to end seven-week conflict
  • Libya: Convening of outgoing parliament to heighten tensions, underlines concerns over legitimacy of political process
  • Saudi Arabia: Arrests of alleged Islamic State recruiters point to sustained concern over organisation’s domestic presence
  • India: Ruling party set to perform well in upcoming state elections; local violence likely before polls

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