Thomas McCotter


Los Angeles

Tom McCotter is a Partner within Control Risks’ Compliance, Forensics, and Intelligence, practice based in Los Angeles.  Tom also heads Control Risks’ Panama Technology Centre.

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Tom McCotter is a Partner within Control Risks’ Compliance, Forensics, and Intelligence, practice based in Los Angeles.  Tom also heads Control Risks’ Panama Technology Centre.

Tom has over twenty years of experience in developing technology based solutions to address complex litigation, and regulatory matters.  Tom’s specific expertise relates to the design and development of sophisticated software solutions and analytical models used to optimize and expedite the review and analysis of electronically stored information.  From the earliest days of the electronic discovery business Tom has been a leader in the design of systems used to process, host and analyse a diverse collection of foreign language data.  Tom has either designed, developed or assisted with the creation of some of most ubiquitous products used in electronic discovery and litigation technology. 

Notable achievements include:
  • Pioneered the use of advanced parallel/cluster computing systems for the processing and analysis of ESI data.
  • Created the first commercially available technology to process foreign language electronic discovery data.
  • Holds multiple patents covering various aspects of document management and information transmission technology.
  • Designed advanced analytical algorithms used for predictive modelling.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Tom was the founder and principal technologist at several successful international software and service enterprises.  He studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the California State Polytechnic University.


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