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Sidhartha Gautam is the head of business intelligence for South Asia, based in New Delhi. Sidhartha leads a team of experts who help support clients’ critical decision-making before deals, after frauds and during disputes.  

Recent tasks that Sidhartha has worked on include:

  • A high-profile investigation and strategic advisory for a global telecommunications company. The project entailed a quick and in-depth investigation to locate a missing employee as well as advising the client regarding its collaboration with the local law enforcement agency.  
  • A vendor-employee collusion investigation for a global fashion apparel brand. The client had received whistle-blower complaints regarding its employees across departments allegedly colluding and receiving kickbacks from several of its critical suppliers. The project required document reviews, discreet source enquiries and field investigations across India.  
  • A high-priority investigation for a global data and records management company. A former employee of the client demanded USD 200,000 for returning millions of files containing the client’s customers’ confidential data. The investigation entailed locating the former employee in India and his background in order to provide real-time assistance for the client’s negotiations with the former employee.  
  • An intelligence-gathering and forensic accounting-driven investigation for a sovereign wealth fund into its investee company. The investee company was suspected of laundering and embezzling money. We identified issues of a lack of governance and senior executives of the investee company misusing their position for personal gains. Our work helped frame the client’s strategy in dealing with its investee company.  
  • Multiple simultaneous investigations for one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing company. The investigations pertained to complex whistle-blower complaints and high-priority reputational risk assessments in India. The project entailed overseeing multi-pronged investigative procedures including document reviews, discreet source enquiries and field investigations across India.  

    Before joining Control Risks, Sidhartha worked for nine years as a director of risk consulting for a multinational professional services firm in India. He set up the firm’s business intelligence practice and played a significant role in developing its business intelligence and forensics business. An award-winning investigative journalist, Sidhartha has conducted several high-profile investigations that exposed corruption at the highest level of the Indian government.  

    Sidhartha has a master’s degree in human rights from the University of London and a bachelor's degree in mass communication. Sidhartha is a recipient of a British Chevening scholarship, which recognises Indians who are leaders in their field. He is a frequent speaker at industry events and has written thought leadership articles on risk management and political risk. 

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