Satinder Soni



Satinder is a subject matter expert in e-discovery software and services with extensive experience working with law firms, corporations and government bodies.

  • Europe
  • Digital Forensics
  • Early Case Assessment
  • e-Discovery & e-Disclosure Services

Satinder Soni is a Director, based in the UK and is responsible for managing and developing Control Risks relationships within the professionals sector specifically the Top 100 law firms within Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Some projects Satinder has led for her clients include:
  • Surveillance involving IP theft for a leading International Law Firm. In-house surveillance teams were deployed in Australasia and UK, daily reports were provided supporting the fact that wrong-doing has been committed.
  • Expert Witness Country Assessment to support ‘force majeure’ claim in Yemen, later used for Arbitration proceedings. 
  • Embedded security and litigation support for a large offshore driller, focusing on all elements of country risk including data transfer issues for legal review purposes, the political landscape and how it may impact operation and security requirements.

Satinder is a subject matter expert in electronic discovery and digital forensic services, working with many of the top global law firms and large multi-national organisations. She has consulted on internal investigations, litigation and regulatory matters where Control Risks’ technology-led and bespoke investigative services were leveraged to successful conclusions. Satinder is a trusted advisor providing clients with compliance solutions in relation to:

  • Data identification
  • Early data and case assessment
  • Forensic data collection and expert analysis
  • Electronic and hard copy data processing and filtering
  • Document review and analysis
  • Document production

Satinder has wide ranging experience in the litigation industry and has developed business within court reporting and litigation support as well as providing CPD led seminars to lawyers and barristers on the subject of courtroom technologies and electronic presentation of evidence. 

Satinder obtained a graduate of Marketing and Human Resources (BA Honours) from London Metropolitan University.  Satinder is fluent Punjabi speaker. 


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