Marisa Lourenço


  • Africa
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment

Based in Control Risks’ Johannesburg office, Marisa provides political, operational and security risk analysis, with a focus on Southern Africa. She is a regular contributor to Control Risks’ online subscription services and oversees Control Risks’ COVID-19 monitoring for Africa, and undertakes bespoke consultancy engagements for clients operating in the region. 

Recent tasks that Marisa has worked on include:

  • A forward-looking assessment of the pace of oil sector reform in Angola and the overall political environment for a multinational oil and gas firm.
  • Weekly analysis of political, operational and security developments in Mozambique and their implications for a leading mining company.
  • Coordinating a multi-country report on the political, operational and security landscape and macroeconomic outlook in South Africa, Poland and the United Kingdom.
  • Monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic across Sub-Saharan Africa, providing analysis on latest developments as they unfold – such as government response and social stability – and responding to ad-hoc queries from clients operating in the region.

  • Prior to joining Control Risks, Marisa worked for Fitch Solutions (formerly BMI Research) in its newly opened South Africa office as an infrastructure analyst, forecasting growth and writing about key developments in sub-Saharan African construction markets. She also has experience in business-to-business media at a number of South African media houses.

    Marisa holds a Master of Urban Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand, a multidisciplinary degree combining political studies and urban planning, and honours degrees in Journalism & Media Studies (Rhodes University) and Political Studies (University of the Witwatersrand). She has working knowledge of Portuguese.

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