Iona Cheng


  • Asia Pacific
  • Ethics and Compliance Consulting

Iona is a director for ethics and compliance consulting in the Asia Pacific region, based in Sydney. Prior to this, she ran a similar practice in Europe, Africa, Greater China and North Asia.

She is an expert in ethics and compliance management, frequently consulting multinational companies on subjects including anti-fraud and corruption, human rights and labour risks, responsible sourcing and anti-money laundering. She specialises in developing practical solutions for clients to prevent, detect and manage integrity and compliance risks. Her experience includes conducting risk assessments, senior leadership risk workshops, ethics and compliance training, compliance programme reviews, and developing third party risk management frameworks.

Recent tasks that Iona has worked on include:

  • A corruption risk assessment and compliance programme review for a US software company.
  • A distributor risk assessment and developed a distributor risk profiling system and risk management strategies for an international pharmaceutical company.
  • A review of a global food packaging firm’s global supply chain risk management framework and supplier risk assessment methodologies
  • A compliance risk workshop for a global energy company's UK leadership team.
  • Anti-bribery and corruption training for a global telecommunications company in China and Hong Kong.
  • A risk workshop for a global pharmaceutical company’s China leadership team.

  • Iona has spoken at compliance and risk conferences in Europe and Asia on all areas of ethics and compliance management.

    Previously, Iona worked for a major Australian bank in New Zealand and China in its corporate and institutional banking division. She has extensive experience in conducting credit analysis and financial due diligence. Iona graduated from the University of Auckland with a conjoint degree in finance and property. She is a native Chinese speaker, fluent in English, and speaks basic French and German.

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