Felix Manig

Associate Analyst

  • Europe
  • Cyber and Digital Security

Felix is an Associate Analyst in Control Risks’ global cyber threat intelligence team in London, with responsibility for collecting, analysing and disseminating intelligence from a range of sources on the cyber threat landscape. He specialises in providing tactical, operational and strategic cyber threat intelligence to public and private sector organisations. He is a CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst (CRTIA).

Recent tasks that Felix has worked on include:

  • Conducting CBEST-based strategic threat assessments for multiple top-tier financial institutions, analysing the intent and capabilities of cyber threat actors to target the organisations as well as assessing likely attack scenarios.
  • Producing a strategic cyber threat assessment for a multinational chemical and technology company, focusing on state, cybercriminal, activist and insider threats most likely to target the organisation.
  • Producing an intelligence-led assessment for a European insurance agency, detailing the cyber threat actors, their intent and capabilities to target the organisation’s clients.
  • Providing threat monitoring and analysis of a crisis incident involving a large European manufacturer that was the victim of a sophisticated ransomware attack.
  • Conducting cyber due diligence and threat monitoring for a non-governmental organisation to assess its online exposure and help protect against physical threats to the organisation and its employees.
  • Before joining Control Risks, Felix was trained at the German Embassy in Washington D.C., reporting and analysing strategic political developments on topics of transatlantic security and cyber security. Felix also served as a research assistant at Swansea University, where he co-authored a Cyber Defence Guide for UK businesses. Felix holds an MA (Hons) from King’s College London, where he read International Relations with a focus on security, strategy and cyber policy and governance. Felix is fluent in English and German and speaks French and Dutch.

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