Chye Shu Wen

Associate Analyst

  • Asia Pacific
  • Market Entry/Exit Risk Assessment
  • Political and Economic Risk Monitoring
  • Cyber and Digital Security


Shu Wen is based in Control Risks’ Singapore office, and assists on research and analysis on bespoke political, security and regulatory projects in South-East Asia and Australasia. She is primarily focused on Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand, and is a regular contributor for Control Risks’ subscription services CORE. 

Recent tasks that Shu Wen has worked on include:

  • Identifying, assessing and mitigating a major Australian mining firm’s China-related risk exposure. 
  • Bespoke monitoring of political and regulatory risks for a major Australian retail firm concerned that geopolitical risks will heighten operational and business impact risks. 
  • Geopolitical, political and operational risk assessments on behalf of existing Japanese investors in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Pre-market entry assessments for foreign companies seeking to enter the oil and gas, telecommunications and transport infrastructure sectors in Malaysia. These focused on political, regulatory, operational and security risks, as well as identification of key stakeholders in policy decision-making and assessments of their longevity in office.
  • Political, regulatory and detentions risk report for an Australian law firm concerned that geopolitical risks, as well as behaviours by individuals associated with the company, would increase their travel and detentions risks. 
  • Analysing over ten major free trade agreements (FTAs) for a major toy manufacturing firm; the analysis provided the firm a better understanding of the FTAs’ absolute and relative risks and opportunities for growth.
  • An embedded stint within the crisis management team of a US multinational technology company.
  • Assessing local community sentiments for a client invested in the mining sector in Victoria state, Australia; this included analysis of the likelihood of local backlash and operational and reputational repercussions for the client.

  • Prior to joining Control Risks, she worked in several academic publishing houses that focus on South-East Asian politics, history and society. She then joined Control Risks as an editor for the Global Risk Analysis’ Asia-Pacific team before taking up her current role as an associate analyst. Shu Wen has a BA in International History and MSc in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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