Ani De la Quintana

Associate Director


Ani De la Quintana is an Associate Director and leads Control Risks’ Global Risk Analysis team for the Andean region. She is based in Colombia. 

  • Latin America
  • Political and Country Risk
  • Risk Monitoring

Ani De la Quintana is an Associate Director and leads Control Risks’ Global Risk Analysis team for the Andean region. She is based in Colombia. Ani and her team conduct political, social and security risk assessments, scenario planning and continuous monitoring for clients across industries (including energy, mining, infrastructure, telecommunications, renewables, forestry and transportation). With over twenty years of experience in research, analysis, strategy and academia in political contexts in Latin America and the US, Ani offers our clients the vision of how political, social and economic risks affect businesses in the Andean region.

Ani’s recent projects include:
  • Political, social and security threat analysis across sixteen national parks in Colombia in support of reforestation and afforestation project.
  • Security threat analysis for a multinational company in the consumer goods industry in Colombia.
  • Design and assessment of political, social and economic risk scenarios relating to national regional and local elections.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Ani worked in political campaigning as a political strategist and analyst, working both as a pollster and running her own political advisory business. She designed tailor-made strategies for private organizations, political interest groups and clients seeking diverse levels of public office. Ani has vast experience conducting interviews, surveys, focus groups, field work and archive research and has worked with political candidates, businesses, non-governmental organizations, political organizations and in academia. Recently, she was an adjunct professor of MBA programs, including the executive MBA, at Universidad de Los Andes, and graduate classes at Universidad de la Sabana.

Ani has a PhD in political science and a master’s degree in political campaigning from the University of Florida. She was trained in qualitative methodology and tools at the Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods. Ani has worked in political campaigning in Washington DC and has extensive experience living and working across the Andean region, including Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia. 


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