Andrew Freeman

Senior Analyst

  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Security Risk Management
  • Organisational Resilience
  • ESG and Sustainable Business
  • Political and Country Risk

Andrew leads Control Risks’ political, security and operational analysis on Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. He contributes to our CORE online platform and provides bespoke assessments for clients across a range of sectors. 

Recent tasks that Andrew has worked on include:

  • A market entry assessment of the operational, reputational, political and security risks for an international consumer goods company looking to acquire assets in Lebanon. 
  • An assessment of Egypt’s political, security, economic and business operating environments and their impact on the country’s upstream oil and gas sector for a large international energy company.  
  • Threat monitoring and a security assessment for a renewable energy company operating in Jordan. 
  • A market entry assessment of the operational, reputational, security and political risks in Israel and the Palestinian Territories for a company looking to acquire assets in the West Bank. 
  • Scenario mapping of the likelihood of a conflict between Israel and Lebanon and a reputational risk assessment for a client operating in the infrastructure sector in Israel. 
  • An in-depth assessment focusing on the reputational and sanctions risks of doing business in Syria both during the Syrian conflict and a post-conflict scenario. 

  • Before he joined Control Risks, Andrew worked at a development consultancy focused on the Middle East, where he focused on radicalisation, countering violent extremism and conflict early warning systems for international NGOs, unilateral bodies, and governmental development bodies. He also worked for an Arab trade representative body, working closely with companies from a range of sectors as well as Arab governments and trade organisations. Prior to this he was an editor and writer for the first independent English-language newspaper in Syria.  

    Andrew holds an MA in Middle Eastern and North African Studies from Stockholm University, and a BA in Arabic from the University of Exeter. He has lived in Syria and travelled throughout the Levant and Egypt. Andrew’s language skills include Arabic and Swedish. 

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