Let Vantage traverse the mountains of third-party noise

For time-poor compliance professionals, Vantage Managed Screening takes away the tedium of the manual process of reviewing mountains of third parties by using our specialist trusted teams to cut through the noise and quickly remediate findings on your behalf. This allows your in-house teams to focus on workloads and be more strategic, efficient, and effective.

Our Managed Screening service offers a consistent methodology and workflow:

Data review

Vantage Managed Screening: data review

An upfront review of your subject list and associated identifiers, followed by advice on best practices to maximise the output quality.

Data cleanse

Vantage Managed Screening: data cleanse

To conduct a systematic review of your data, highlighting potential issues, removing duplicate records etc.

'First pass' screening

Vantage Managed Screening: first pass screening

All the subjects will undergo a first-pass screening against the agreed datasets and identifiers provided.

'deeper look' screening

Vantage Managed Screening: deeper look

The screening team will broaden their research to conduct a standardised resolution exercise of subjects with multiple possible matches.

Screening summary report

Vantage Managed Screening: summary report

Presented in a clear, intuitive report with analyst commentary from our team, allowing you to make accurate, timely, and confident compliance decisions at speed.

Vantage Managed Screening is available as part of our Vantage Compliance Solutions

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Vantage is an award-winning suite of third-party compliance solutions to suit most TPRM programmes, process, teams, tools, and budgets.

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