Standard Header Title

Hero banner title

170 character limit. Colour options available (speak to the digital team for more information). 

This hero banner can also be added anywhere on the page. CTA Could link to a page, or directly to the form on this page. 

Image can be added to this banner. Sizes needed - 620 x 500, 1000 x 510 & 1440 x 510

Intro title

Short intro text. One or 2 Sentences 

Body text. No character limit. Rich text content. Include formatting such as bold, italics, bullets, links etc. if needed.

Left/Right Component (Title)

This is the description. Rich text content. Keep this short and insightful to accompany the image within this section. Include formatting such as bold, italics, links etc, if needed.

The image itself can be an animated gif, PNG or JPEG. Images size required is: 720x551px. Illustrations (like this one) work better than photos.

You can also adjust the colour of this area. Speak with the Digital team for more information and colour options.

Image can be either on the right or left with the text on the opposite site. 

Links can be added

CTA Block Header

CTA Block Title

Rich text content. Explaining what the CTA will provide. Option to choose the background colour. White, Dark Blue, Light Blue or Teal 

Card Grid

A description explaining other areas or pages for the user to view.

Form title

Information about what the user will receive of what they are signing up to on the form


Below is a list of components that are optional and can be added anywhere on your page

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The Vlad and Joe show – the outlook for Russia-US relations


The outlook for US-Russia relations

The Biden administration will create a change of pace for Russia-US relations. Russia will expect more sanctions and Biden heralds a return to a more predictable and assertive US role in global affairs. We examine the likely course of relations.

Card montage

Any information you'd like to include to explain what content they will find below

US election

Card title

Montage section with 5 cards. Cards laid out in a different may to normal Card section.

Control Risks Podcasts

Listen to the Control Risks podcast where we discuss world events and what risks are on the horizon for organisations. Featuring experts from all areas of Control Risks, we can help you navigate what lies ahead.

Standard Card title - no image

You have the option to change colour of cards. With or without an image. Make sure there is enough text content if image is not used. Images need to be 800x450px

Icon section title

Any information you'd like to include to explain what content they will find below. This would most likely be links to experts

Expert 1

Andrew Gilholm

Images need to be 90x90px (with circle included)

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Expert 2

Julie Chen

Short description of expert. Max 50 characters.

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CORE+ Analyst Access Consistent access times

Doesn't have to be experts. Can be links to other pages related to campaign.

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Short message This is an optional component to point the user to another page or to a section on this page (subscription page or downloadable content). This can be shown for as many seconds as you wish when a user lands on this page.