Political Risk Consulting

Investing in emerging markets can expose companies to diverse and complex threats. By understanding and managing such threats companies can protect the bottom line, enhance reputation and provide competitive advantage. This is best practice risk management, something in which Control Risks excels.

Control Risks provides tailored advisory services helping clients to manage the threats arising from the political, social, operational and security environments in the markets in which they operate. Even before the acquisition stage, we can help with strategic decisions about entering new markets, whilst for existing projects, we are alert to the circumstances that can adversely affect operations.

Control Risks employs robust in-house risk assessment methodologies throughout its research. Our research is supported by more than 40 country analysts, who have lived and worked in the regions they cover, who speak local languages and who nurture extensive local contacts.

Our work is thorough. Our analysis detailed. We typically deliver our assessments through a combination of written reports, ‘heatmaps’, network maps, interactive presentations and workshops, training programmes and scenarios exercises.

To learn how Control Risks can help you understand the risks to your business, please contact us.

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