Integrity Risks: Corruption and Fraud

Integrity is a vital asset of any business. Once damaged, it is almost impossible to restore fully. As threats to a company’s integrity grow in number and complexity, Control Risks is exceptionally well equipped to help its clients identify, evaluate and mitigate against them.

Our global network of consultants can advise on the best way to protect against different sources of integrity risk:

  • Corrupt practices imposed by public officials with which a company is obliged to deal
  • Corporate malfeasance on the part of commercial partners and competitors
  • Theft, dishonesty, or fraud perpetrated by employees

The cost of damaged integrity

Integrity damage can carry a direct financial cost: substantial fines, business failure and losses resulting from malpractice, for example. And the opportunity costs are very real. Substantial time can be wasted dealing with problems that could have been prevented by effective due diligence, pre-emptive training and customised controls. With tightening regulation, unpredictable economic events, volatile markets and unstable regimes, the need to address integrity risk is greater than ever.

How Control Risks can help

Control Risks can offer vital, subtle and sophisticated insight by gathering and analysing business-critical intelligence. And our familiarity with the problems facing businesses in developing markets can provide an invaluable head start.

We enable clients to invest successfully, resolve complex post-transaction disputes, and preserve the integrity of their operations, brand, reputation and employees.

Our expert investigators have decades of experience in every sector and on every continent. Their backgrounds include the legal profession, law enforcement, journalism, accountancy, business consultancy, investment banking and government services. They draw on our in-house political and security risk consultants, a vast network of contacts on the ground and our eDiscovery and computer forensic expertise. From strategic due diligence to tactical investigations, our range of services is the most comprehensive in the industry.

Corruption risk and the challenge of compliance

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