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Unprecedented exposure to the demands of a dynamic regulatory, political and security landscape along with fast evolving technologies and mobility models mean that the automotive sector faces distinct strategic challenges. Control Risks works with OEMs and vehicle manufacturers to evaluate the strategic opportunities that will impact their success for decades to come.

Cyber security, third-party providers and consumer privacy have become critical issues for the automotive sector as it navigates the opportunities of digitalisation and complex supply chains.

Regulatory uncertainty creates an increasing need for objective, on-the-ground information that is so essential to decision making. Trust needs to be strengthened, whether from clients, stakeholders or, increasingly, governments and international regulators.

What we bring
  • A truly global footprint. Our worldwide presence enables us to be where you are and where you need us.
  • Evaluation of current and future opportunities. With tailored market and sector analysis, in cooperation with our joint venture partner Oxford Economics.
  • Actionable advice. We deliver advice on complex business challenges rather than complex consulting jargon.
  • Personal client relationships. We are proud of the relationships we have with our clients and value them by sending the best consultant for each job. We work with you to ensure you can deliver on your strategy.

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Automotive - China 2017- Dark

China - the age of new energy vehicles

China in September introduced the world’s most ambitious new energy vehicle (NEV) quotas. The new rules will require all automakers manufacturing or importing more than 30,000 vehicles to obtain an NEV credit of 10% of all sales by 2019, with the number set to rise every year.

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Automotive: Our thinking

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New energy vehicle market in South East Asia

New energy vehicle market in South East Asia

In 2017, new car sales in Southeast Asia are set to be amongst the highest in the world. Economic growth continues and car ownership is on a steady rise. With increasing demand, is the region’s automotive sector ripe for new energy vehicle (NEV) disruption?

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