Control Risks and Everbridge join forces

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Control Risks and Everbridge join forces to ensure clients are ready to respond and recover from critical events

Thank you for your interest in Control Risks and Everbridge Critical Event Management consulting practice. We formed our strategic partnership in February, bringing together technology and CEM expertise to ensure clients are ready to response and recover faster.

We are working together to provide clients with support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As the impact of the pandemic evolves across the globe, organisations find themselves in different and sometimes multiple stages of the crisis management lifecycle. Together we are helping clients navigate the crisis by shaping responses that target rapid commercial recovery and factor in longer-term scenarios. Control Risks and Everbridge bring you critical insights, risk intelligence and advice on how to manage fast-moving information cycles and adapt your existing crisis response measures. Remaining flexible, agile, forward-thinking and empathetic are all essential for a successful outcome.
Please register for a personalized consultation and initial needs assessment on how to be better prepared and manage the entire lifecycle of a critical event – from awareness to assessment to remediation, response and recovery.

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