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Digital Forensics and Data Analytics
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Compliance, investigations and litigation support: staying in control

Read a selection of critical insights for today’s general counsel, internal support teams, and external legal counsel and learn how mastery of data and a proactive compliance program can help your organization succeed.

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Sanctions compliance and enforcement

The global sanctions landscape has become more complex and difficult for companies to navigate. We’ve identified two key trends that you should know about.

Readiness - Response - Recovery
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Crisis readiness, response and recovery

Today’s crises are more frequent and more complex than ever. They challenge an organization’s resilience as never before. As the nature of crises changes, so must your organization. How do you stand ready, respond effectively and recover stronger?

Kidnap in India
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India's kidnap for ransom risk rises on the back of a growing middle page

Control Risks data shows that the Indian states with the greatest levels of investment have seen the sharpest increases in financially motivated kidnap.

Indian Flag 1
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India elections: Expect reforms and economic populism under Modi 2.0 

An election that once appeared a foregone conclusion for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become far more dramatic as slight swings in vote share could create real shifts in seat shares for India’s parties. 



Top 5 Risks 2019

Each year, Control Risks’ decides the top 5 Risks for businesses in the coming year. While these are global in scope, here we discuss how they will drive developments in the business environment in the Middle East and North Africa in 2019.

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