In this first episode of our series on litigation readiness, we take a close look at the role of experts – those with knowledge around a specific area that can be used to help a court or legal body make a more accurate judgement about a topic or issue. Our in-house experts, Steve Wilkinson and Mavis Tan, give you an inside look into how experts approach disputes, the growing importance of data analysis, and why you should always engage an expert earlier rather than later. 

Steven Wilkinson is a Principal in Control Risks’ Asia Pacific practice, based in Hong Kong, and has particular expertise in leading internal and independent investigations for companies subject to investigation by authorities across multiple jurisdictions. Mavis Tan is a Partner in Control Risks, based in Hong Kong, and has extensive experience in leading high-profile and confidential investigations in the Asia Pacific region. She has also managed hundreds of company liquidations, restructurings and receiverships.

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