Assessing Risk, Realising Opportunity and Taking Reward

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Assessing Risk, Realising Opportunity and Taking Reward

Examining the techniques available to risk and security professionals
The threats facing organisations in 2019 are complex and increasingly intangible. With reputation and trust high on the mind of business leaders, softening the impact and preventing events from happening at all is more important than ever.

Fire or flood damage to a factory may delay or halt production and result in substantial costs, but a cyber-attack that compromises the data of customers can have a longterm effect on trust and future engagement. Risk professionals will be familiar with fire and flood mitigation techniques, but contributing to a monitoring and defence system that combats cyber-attacks will require collaboration with their colleagues across security, information technology, strategic intelligence and operations.

Similarly, unless the activities and developments within the local and geopolitical environment are monitored effectively risk professionals will be left unaware of the evolving political threats that risk disruption to their business and unable to plan accordingly. Effective threat monitoring will put risk and security professionals on the front foot and bring them closer to senior strategic decision makers.

In a fast-paced world, more sophisticated techniques and internal processes are required, demanding greater collaboration across the organisation. Implementing and leading threat monitoring activities can provide a platform for risk professionals to take centre stage within their organisation, add commercial and competitive value and identify new opportunities.

Risk professionals will need to work across their organisation’s business units and functions to identify and prioritise the key threats, and work on an effective response to track their development and evolution.

This report, produced in partnership with airmic, highlights practical uses for threat monitoring and the relevant steps organisations should consider when embarking on this journey.


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