Whitepaper: The future of infrastructure in Colombia

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The future of infrastructure in Colombia 

President Iván Duque’s government has brought important advances to the infrastructure sector in Colombia, as well as new business opportunities.

Duque has focused on accelerating the implementation of the Fourth Generation (4G) road infrastructure program and has also been working on a new concessions program for the Fifth Generation (5G) program. However, the economic and fiscal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the beginning of the electoral season in the run up to the 2022 general elections, the weak implementation of the 2016 peace agreement that led to the demobilization of the FARC, and the persistence of illegal economies are likely to affect the already complex political and social environment.

To help investors get a proper understanding and management of the risk environment, we have developed this whitepaper which provides a synthesis of risk and opportunity in the country to ensure the resilience and success of their investments.


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