Navigating the global sanctions landscape in 2020

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Navigating the global sanctions landscape in 2020: Diverging paths, increasing risks 

Sanctions risks to rise in 2020 as regimes grow in complexity
Businesses face an increasingly unpredictable global sanctions landscape heading into 2020, and for the foreseeable future. In our latest report, Control Risks experts look at developments and trends facing businesses and their counsel. Download the report for an overview of the sanctions landscape; associated risks with doing business around these regimes - focusing on Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Syria - as well as practical advice for avoiding pitfalls and operating intelligently.

Featured content:

  • The global sanctions landscape in 2020
  • How can businesses manage their compliance with increasingly complex sanctions?
  • Sanctions risk map
  • Five countries to watch in 2020
  • Beyond sanctions: Foreign investment considerations
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