CORE Security Incident Report and Briefing Q3 2021

Throughout July, August, and September we have seen a total of 15,240 incidents of political violence and violent organised crime around the world.  

The definitive CORE Security Incident Report and Briefing will help provide a concise overview of recent global events and how they might help inform your organisation’s operations planning and security management.

We have delved into the comprehensive CORE database of global incidents of war, terrorism, unrest and crime with commercial relevance to underpin the findings of the Report. This report includes:

Global map of incidents

Distribution of incidents by target sector

Focus on five regional hotspots

Tactics used in terrorist incidents

Our Report is accompanied by the forward-looking Security Incident Briefing video, drawing on the extensive incident data available within CORE and providing analysis from our experts on three selected topics: Political instability in Western Africa, Environmental activism in the UK, and a Global Outlook on COVID-19.

CORE Security Incident Report and Briefing

Download our Report on global incidents from Q3 2021.
Watch our Briefing with analysts providing insight into regional case studies.


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