CORE Security Incident Report and Briefing Q1 2021

Over the last three months we have logged 11,071 incidents of political violence and violent organised crime around the world.

The definitive and refreshed CORE Security Incident Report and Briefing will help you understand what has been happening across the globe in the last quarter and help inform operational planning and security management for your organisation.

The Q1 report draws on the CORE database of global incidents of war, terrorism, unrest and crime with commercial relevance. The report includes:

Global map of incidents

Distribution of incidents by target sector

Focus on five regional hotspots

Tactics used in terrorist incidents

This quarter, the Report is accompanied by a new Security Incident Briefing that draws on the extensive incident data available within CORE, and offers forward-looking analysis of three selected topics: civil unrest in the US; Lebanon; and a global maritime security outlook.

CORE Statistics and Analysis

CORE and CORE+ modules provide access to an extensive database of incidents and analysis. Discover more in our database of reports from previous quarters.

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