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Beyond the great firewall – the evolution of cyber risk in Asia

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  • Dane Chamorro
  • Jim Fitzsimmons
Beyond the great firewall – the evolution of cyber risk in Asia


Though China’s cyber laws may be the most well-known, governments across the Asia Pacific – such as those in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – are implementing new and evolving legislation and requirements on cyber security. The trend is so significant that we’ve seen demand for guidance on cyber issues expand exponentially in recent years. Requirements can vary hugely from one jurisdiction to the next, presenting unique challenges for multinationals. Dane Chamorro chats to Jim Fitzsimmons, a Director in our Cyber Security practice based in Singapore, about how businesses can best avoid the regulatory and reputational damage that can stem from poor cyber governance. Subscribe to listen to all episodes from our Asia series, and be sure to check out our other channels by searching ‘Control Risks’ wherever you listen. 



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