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How COVID-19 has changed Chinas operating environment

  • Asia Pacific
  • Dane Chamorro
  • Kent Kedl
  • Resolving Critical Issues and Crises
COVID-19: How the pandemic has changed China’s operating environment


Dane Chamorro and Kent Kedl – two of our partners based in Singapore and Shanghai – discuss China, its growth prospects in the wake of COVID-19, and how what happens in China will affect global supply chains. 



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Business ethics during an economic downturn

Latest podcasts

Business ethics during an economic downturn

Dane Chamorro chats to Andrew Macintosh, who leads Control Risks’ Asia Pacific forensics and investigations practice. Fraud and corporate malfeasance typically rises during periods of economic fragility, and Dane and Andrew discuss how business can avoid problems such as asset loss, IP theft, and wrongdoing by employees.
Asian tech investment four areas of risk


Asian tech investment: four areas of risk

Asia’s young, internet-enabled population and global capital chasing investment make for a regional technology deal market. Among the countries that make up the Association of South East Asian Nations, the tech sector is awash with capital and government support.