Kidnapping risk along the Belt and Road Initiative

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Kidnapping risk along the Belt and Road Initiative


The Chinese government’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a far-reaching infrastructure development project which aims to integrate Asian, African and European markets and create new economic corridors. With projects planned in over 60 countries, including the development of railways, roads, oil and gas pipelines and ports, BRI is an unprecedented opportunity to develop regional economic integration and maritime connectivity.

View the full article When sizing up the potential for investments across the wide range of countries and markets covered by the BRI, companies will, as with any investment in a complex environment, have to factor in a number of regional, national and local security threats. Certain parts of the six proposed corridors present a risk of kidnap for ransom that should feature in an organisation’s security strategy.  As a measure of the threat, in 42 years of business, Control Risks has assisted clients to resolve more than 480 cases of kidnap-for-ransom across 31 of the countries currently earmarked for BRI investment.

Find out about:

  • The varying degree of risk facing specific routes and corridors of the BRI
  • The different actors and motivations of the varied kidnap-for-ransom threat
  • The challenging kidnap environments that span the BRI initiative
  • Key take-aways for organisations to consider when sizing up the potential kidnap-for-ransom threat


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