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Kidnap Incident Management Workshop (Basic)

This primary “basic” kidnap for ransom incident management workshop provides comprehensive instruction and a tabletop exercise that will serve as a foundation for your understanding of the complex and often delicate issues that need to be resolved during an incident. Control Risks' experienced instructors combine presentations, lectures, and interactive exercises to educate participants on kidnap for ransom and extortion threat responses.

Completion of a Basic kidnap incident management workshop is a pre-requisite for attending the Advanced workshop.

This workshop is offered in virtual and in-person formats. The virtual training is comprised of 4 weekly sessions that each run for 3-hours. The in-person trainings, hosted in New York and Houston, each take place over the course of 2 consecutive, full days.

Our training package includes

  • How to respond after an incident occurs
  • The formation of a crisis management team
  • How to deal with crisis management, communications strategies, family support, crisis communications and government liaisons
  • The risks associated with various threat exposures and the process required to manage them
  • Understanding the kidnap for ransom threat in a global context
  • Control Risks' role in supporting you during an incident
  • A critical understanding of the evidence related to workplace conflict and potential violence

Who should attend?

Any individual based in the Americas who oversees or is part of a crisis management, emergency response or security team.


$3,500 USD per participant, with capped attendance

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2 day workshop


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