Kidnap awareness and hostage survival

Kidnap awareness and hostage survival

This workshop is designed for anyone who is required to travel to, or work regularly in, environments where kidnap-forransom presents a credible risk. The course provides delegates with an understanding of the basic elements and structure of a kidnap, including an awareness of the pressures which can develop. This pre-incident preparation aims to introduce delegates to effective coping skills and strategies that can reduce the psychological impact of a kidnap as well as reduce the likelihood of kidnap in the first place

Our training package includes

  • Personal security and surveillance awareness
  • Interacting with kidnappers
  • Dealing with interrogation, threats, pressures, and violence
  • Proof of life
  • Coping skills and strategies – meeting basic human needs
  • Hostage behaviour
  • Lessons learned from former hostages

Who should attend?

Designed for any person undertaking travel to areas of heightened abduction risk


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Half day Interactive workshop

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