Cyber Crisis Management Workshop

Cyber Crisis Management Workshop

Your initial response to a crisis is critical and will frame public perception of how you respond to a breach in the days, weeks and months that follow.

A cyber-attack is a serious business incident, it’s not just an IT issue. Let our cyber security and crisis management experts work with you to respond to a simulated exercise based on real cyber attacks. During the workshop, we will demonstrate how to use the exercise to identify gaps in cyber security risk management and, most importantly, help you to know what to do during the cyber-attack response, before you need to do it for real.

Based on Contol Risks extensive background in supporting clients experiencing cyber crisis events, our exercise will help you to prioritise, focus and respond and provide an up-to-date briefing on current cyber threats and mitigations.

Join us for an immersive, scenario-based cyber crisis exercise; a high-impact, low-risk way of allowing you to practice teamwork, high pressure decision-making and communications strategies. 

"Excellent crisis management course; very informative, an interactive training experience despite it being remotely delivered; the course content provided guidance as to best practice processes required to manage potential and/or escalating risks in the event of a crisis."

  • Cyber Risks and threats
    Ransomware, malware, phishing and data breaches
  • Responding to cyber crisis events
    Roles and responsibilities, plus expert advice 
  • Cyber crisis playbooks
    Making a plan that people will use under pressure 
  • Cyber crisis communication
    How to communicate quickly and effectively. Stakeholder management
  • Cyber crisis exercise 1: scenario introduction
    Setting the scene for the practical pert of the session 
  • Cyber crisis exercise 2: crisis response
    Responding to a cyber crisis: managing the critical initial phase and anticipating worst case scenarios
  • Crisis exercise 3: crisis management
    Addressing increased complexity. Applying structure  and process to the situation, communicating effectively with stakeholders. 
  • Crisis exercise 4: crisis recovery
    Lessons identified and review. Course debrief.


Price per person is 1,200 GBP with a maximum attendance of 12 people

Who should attend?

Designed for any person wanting or needing to know more about cyber crisis management. Previous crisis experience is not required.

What’s included?

Our cyber crisis management workshops include 8 modules, which are delivered within a 4-hour session. This includes time for interactive debate and questions. All attendees will receive a Control Risks certificate of completion.

"My objectives for the course were exceeded."

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