Advanced 2-Day Kidnap Incident Management Workshop

Advanced 2-Day Kidnap Incident Management Workshop

Our advanced workshop provides attendees with an opportunity to deal with a kidnap for ransom situation from start to finish. It provides a test of decision making, incident management, communication and resilience whilst working with others, and supported by expert advisors, to deliver the best possible solution to a complicated and highly emotional kidnap incident. Delivered by consultants with extensive experience with kidnap management.

Delivered across two days, this advanced workshop will guide you through the anatomy of a kidnap for ransom, including an interactive simulation with role players to test fundamental elements of the training. You will be introduced to other attendees and learn of each other’s backgrounds and experience, including that of the consultants delivering the workshop. Following this, the Control Risks ‘Special Risks Analysis’ team will provide you with an up-to-date analysis of kidnapping trends and risks globally. Your consultant will then take you through the critical elements of a kidnap for ransom incident, breaking down the practical and critical managerial considerations.

Our training package includes

  • Responding to and containing a life threatening and developing kidnap incident
  • Building skills as crisis decision makers
  • Establishing a cohesive, multi-level, crisis management organisation
  • Dealing with the other stakeholders, including planned and unplanned contact
  • Developing and implementing a negotiation strategy
  • Managing the communications and the family
  • Understanding and developing a financial strategy

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for any person who:

  • Has attended a kidnap incident management workshop within the last four years
  • Has practical experience of managing a kidnap, or similar, life threatening, situation in the past six years
  • Through their corporate position, is likely to be involved in the management of a kidnap situation

In order to achieve the maximum benefit, prior attendance on a kidnap management workshop is advised.


Price per person is 3,600 USD. Please contact Control Risks Training Solutions for more information.

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