Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence


Learn how to prevent and respond to workplace violence via our world class eLearning course for managers. This eLearning course is designed for front-line managers and covers behavioral indicators of workplace violence and strategies for recognizing, preventing, and responding to incidents.

Our training package includes

Nearly all perpetrators of workplace violence demonstrate concerning behaviors leading up to a violent event. This training program, developed in part by former members of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, will help familiarize you with the warning signs and red flags of potential violent acts. Front-line managers have a critical role recognizing, reporting, and mitigating these concerning behaviors as part of your organization’s safety and prevention efforts.

Who should attend?

  • Types of workplace violence
  • Behavioral indicators and warning signs of violence
  • How to prevent and respond to a workplace attack
  • De-escalation and problematic terminations
  • Strategies for responding to an active assailant


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