Virtual Kidnap eLearning

Virtual Kidnap eLearning


Virtual kidnapping is a form of extortion where the perpetrator makes contact, usually by telephone, and claims to have kidnapped an employee and demands a ransom for their release. In reality this is a scam, and no one has actually been kidnapped. This course provides an overview of virtual kidnapping, the typical circumstances under which it occurs, and how to respond. The runtime is approximately 15 minutes.

Our training package includes

  • Understand fundamentals of virtual kidnap: facts, types, phases, advice and support
  • Identifying and responding to a virtual kidnap
  • Mitigate risks through practical steps in the event of a virtual kidnapping

Who should attend?

Designed for English and Spanish speakers who are living in or travelling to the Americas or other Spanish speaking countries, and for Chinese speakers globally, all of whom are known targets of virtual kidnappers.


Price dependent on licence agreement and number of users. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

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