Social Risk and Human Rights

Social Risk and Human Rights


This course introduces international human rights and the obligations of States and companies to enforce and protect them. Additionally, the course introduces the principals and methodology of conducting a human rights assessment and ensuring human rights compliance. The run time of the course is 20 mins and is designed to be used as part of pre-deployment or site induction training or as a method to conduct annual refresher training thereafter.

Our training package includes

  • Awareness of human rights laws and recent case studies
  • Descriptions and examples of how and where public and private security forces may interact with the project team and the local community
  • Suggested monitoring and reporting approaches to take to ensure compliance with the voluntary principals approach and how to monitor and report suspected human rights abuse.

Who should attend?

  • This course is designed for those working at project sites where public and private security forces are utilised to provide security support and protection
  • This might include non-governmental organisations and those in extractives and energy sectors


Price dependent on licence agreement and number of users. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

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