Active Shooter training

Active Shooter


Active shooter incidents are inherently unpredictable. This training course provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to prepare for and respond to an active shooter incident in both familiar and unfamiliar workplace environments

Our training package includes

  • Recognising the potential for violence in the workplace
  • Understanding vulnerable times and locations where incidents may occur
  • Different types of cover and what offers the best protection
  • Situational awareness and surroundings
  • Key options in response to an incident: Run, Hide, or Fight
  • Implications of other types of attacks
  • Considerations when contacting emergency services
  • What to do when law enforcement arrives

Who should attend?

This course is relevant to all staff as it addresses a range of different attack situations and covers a wide range of eventualities, including for those employees living and working in major cities, travelling to higher risk locations or where workplace violence or related attacks may be an issue.


Price dependent on licence agreement and number of users. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

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