3-day high risk environment course

High Risk Environment Training

Control Risks’ standard three-day HREC provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to prepare for and respond to conflict situations, emergencies and traumatic events in different risk environments where they may be required to work or live through a mix of classroom-based and practical learning.

Our training package includes

  • Practical training across a range of scenarios
  • Personal security
  • Hotel and accommodation security
  • The principles of personal security
  • Journey management planning
  • Conflict management and physical intervention
  • Reaction to an incident
  • Basic and trauma medical training

Who should attend?

    Our HREC course is designed for staff, employees or dependants that may be visiting, working or living in medium to high risk environments. The course is designed to accommodate all levels of experience from those deploying for the first time to experienced individuals who require refresher training.



    Guide price of around $1,235 per attendee (plus $182 per person per day food, accommodation and transport) dependent on course location and number enrolled. Please contact Control Risks Training Solutions for more information.

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3 Day Interactive Session

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