Risk Management for eSports

Building better Risk Management for Esports

The flourishing international Esports market presents a vast opportunity for a broad range of stakeholders. But this burgeoning sector equally faces considerable challenges – including  a lack of real central governance, whilst developing amid a fluid risk environment. Control Risks has the relevant experience and capability to drive dynamic risk management within your organization. 

"Worlds 2020 was a prime example of creative collaboration and comprehensive risk management. With Control Risks as a partner, we were able to deliver a successful and safe World’s experience"

Monique Paterra,
Esports Global Events

    Control Risks’ services include:

  • Market entry and due diligence for investors looking to enter new markets and identify partners
  • Security management for publishers, event organizers, and teams to protect their personnel and assets
  • Investigations to help governing bodies, betting operators and federations mitigate integrity risks such as match fixing and corruption
  • Operational readiness and security master planning for event organizers and tournament hosts
  • Political risk consulting and stakeholder mapping to support organizations understanding of the business environments they operate in
  • Compliance and ABC training

Level Up with Control Risks

Control Risks is a specialist global risk consultancy that assists sports organizations to become more secure, compliant, and resilient. Building on 45 years of risk consulting experience across 36 global offices, Control Risks works with all Esports stakeholders to understand and effectively manage integrity, security, cyber and operational risks.

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